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^^^Please watch the sample videos above if you have questions on the program^^^

M5 Select is unlike anything available to endurance athletes. It is for the "Select" group that wants the advanced strategies to improve their running and triathlon performance and doesn't want to comb through blogs, magazines, articles and their own guesstimations to find it. 

Smarter training. Faster racing. Less wasted time.

This is an ongoing subscription program that combines EVERYTHING that matters in running and triathlon and puts it in a simple, affordable and digestable format to help you make dramatic improvements in your athletic performance.

Each week a new video is released. Here are some of the previous topics:

  • Advanced Recovery Strategies
  • Dealing with Lower Extremity Injuries
  • Selecting the Right Training Plan
  • Busting Through Performance Plateaus
  • Pacing Your PERFECT Race
  • Fat Loss & Improving Body Composition for Athletes
  • Mastering Mental Toughness

The best part? This program is driven by YOU. After enrollment you will immediately be redirected to a page where you can submit any questions you have and I will personally answer them.

It's like having a professional coach...at a fraction of the price.

It strikes me how many athletes are willing to spend hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on equipment and "rehab" (PT, chiropractic, massage), yet fall short when it comes to knowing that what they're doing in training and racing is actually efficient. Or effective. Or CORRECT.

Please don't be that person.

Running and triathlon are huge time and energy commitments and you deserve to see the best possible results from it. M5 Select is your competitive advantage.

Lastly, this program is for everyone. Attitude matters more than ability level. And if you’re serious about being part of the select few who want to take their endurance performance to the next level and are willing to take the actions to make it happen, I'm confident this will be the best investment you'll ever make.

That is my promise to you.

– Scott

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M5 Select is based around the M5 system of endurance performance. No athletic stone is left unturned. This program is about YOU and YOUR PERFORMANCE. Click “I Want This” and name your price. I look forward to serving you in the quest for your endurance potential and I’m excited to see you on the inside... - Scott

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M5 Select

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